Case Studies

Our advice can be tailored to any number of scenarios. Below are some examples of real-life cases which we have handled, each of which are on the road to a much better outcome than they had previously expected.

Peter and Jane own a number of child care centres and they approached their existing accountant, and the financial planner associated with the accountancy firm, and said: “We are paying too much tax and we have strained cash flow. What (Read-more..)

Paul and Carrie own a cane farm that produces approximately 10,000 tonnes a year. They have identified another farm that they could purchase which would increase their tonnage by a further 3,200, as well as receiving extra water (Read-more..)

Simon and Kerry were looking for guidance on when they could realistically retire. At this point, Kerry was 60 and Simon was 65 and they were looking at working for a further 10+ years to enable them to hopefully retire on an income of (Read-more..)