For many working Australians, investing through superannuation is an effective way to secure their financial future in retirement. While you are working it is important to regularly review your super contributions to ensure you are saving enough to fund an enjoyable lifestyle once you enter retirement.

Maximising your super

The government provides generous tax incentives to encourage Australians to invest in super. The more you take advantage of these, the more super you're likely to accumulate over time. For example, you might consider setting up a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer. This will allow you to make super contributions from your pre-tax salary and could also reduce your income tax bill.

Depending on your income and family situation, you may be eligible for other benefits, such as the government co-contribution or a tax rebate when making contributions to your spouse's super (both are subject to eligibility criteria). We can also show you how you may be able to save tax by paying for your life insurance through your super.

It is never too late to take control of your super. However, the rules are complex, so it is important to get expert advice to ensure you make the most of your superannuation savings.

With our fee for service approach to helping you with your superannuation we do not take any upfront or ongoing commissions from your superannuation, just like an industry fund.  If you are a member of an industry fund we can help you better understand the structure of your fund and try to help you match the investment options with your attitude to risk and return.

The attached guide helps you understand how super funds work and the different types of super funds you can choose to have.

To learn more about your super, contact us.

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